Terms of Service

Our Terms and Conditions provide clarity to our customers. The most important points are described on this page.

Posting the website

  • The content of the website you place must comply with Dutch law.
  • Hacking activities or other infringements on Domein-Direct.nl and third-party servers are not allowed.
  • The sending of large amounts of unsolicited e-mail (spam) is not allowed.
  • In the event of violation or reporting of abuse your site will be taken offline.
  • We make a backup of our systems, you are responsible for activating your website and email backup.

Data traffic Fair Use Policy
Domein-Direct.nl does not apply a technical restriction for the permitted amount of data traffic. For this, the data traffic used must be an essential part of the website. If there are significant exceedances of the average data traffic, we will make you a proposal that better meets your needs.

What is data traffic?
Data traffic is related to the size and popularity of your website. The amount of data traffic is the total amount of files (in megabytes) that are requested per month from your website. An example:

  • an average page of your website is 500 kb (including images)
  • Suppose an average visitor visits 5 pages
  • you have 1000 website visitors per month
  • your website generates 500 x 5 x 1000 = 2500,000 KB per month, or 2500 MB or data traffic per month

Renewal and end of term
On the "My Account" page you will find information about the term of your domain name and the linked services. You will receive an email with the request to renew before the end of the term. If you do not use an extension, the service will be stopped 1 week before the end of the term ( soft quarantine ).

  • The period of notice for a domain name is 1 month before the end of the term.
  • Interim termination of a domain name via email and "My Account".
  • All other services can be expanded or canceled online.
  • All agreements will not be tacitly renewed after the expiry date.
  • Those who do not renew in time will lose their domain name, e-mail and website.
  • Within the quarantine period of 40 days you can re-claim the domain name. There are costs associated with this.
  • Moving a domain name is free of charge outside the period of notice, within the period of notice we charge administration costs.
  • Providing a transfer code is equal to immediate cancellation and can only be requested by the holder.
  • The verification of your ID is done based on the email address used to register your domain name.
  • Anonymous domain names can not be tranfered, they must first be put on your name.

Client's obligation
The customer is obliged to fully and correctly state their details and keep them up to date. With ID protect / anonymous registration your data is not used for the registration of a domain name and / or services.

  • Pay the payment when ordering.
  • Organize its systems and programs in such a way that neither the safety nor the availability of systems are affected ..
  • Reporting attacks and hacking attempts to support@domein-direct.nl.