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webERP - web based accounting/ERP software
« Gepost op: 11 mei 2014, 19:41:52 »
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Category   Back office/Enterprise Resource Planning

    webERP is a web based accounting/ERP software produced by an ongoing community of accounting  software developers.

    Reliability is the Number One Priority

    An accounting system, more than any other system, needs to be reliable. webERP has been refined

    over years of work by accounting software developers. webERP is developed in the most popular

    internet language of PHP. It can be easily configured on everything from Windows to Linux. With

    the language and platform being so widely used, webERP is the reliable choice.

    Accessibility to Employees and Customers from Anywhere

    These days, 75% of all people in the world have access to the internet. Almost all companies have

    a web presence. In order for companies to properly integrate all systems and be able to have

    maximum choices for system users it only makes sense to use a platform suited to the internet.

    webERP provides the widest accessibility possible.

    Flexibility for Companies, Employees and Customers

    An ERP system must be useful to everyone involved. webERP is flexible in its platform and